my service


Is: one-on-one  conversation, a series of  purposeful questions and answers which have the power to invoke emotions, thoughts and  person’s awareness. It is the process that involves deep observations, re-evaluation, healing and TRANSFORMATION.

Is not: a chat, general talk about life. It is not a psychic session where I tell you what is going to happen in the future.

If you are ...

feeling unfulfilled in your Personal Life

,Relationships are one of the most, if no the most important segment of our lives. But one that we have with ourselves comes first. Healing this relation to ourselves automatically affects and heals the one we have with our partner, our child, friend, co-worker and basically everybody who comes our way.

finding yourself unbalanced (scared) in New Life situations

I have had old and new jobs; I started my own practice with some huge question marks in my mind;  I moved to live to another countries (continents) as an expat, without knowing the language; I have been first time mom without family around; I have given unmedicated birth; I am a stepmom; I have been dumped and rejected, I have been on big stages many times and needed to deliver excellent job while being terrified .. Yet! – I manifested, I transformed and I am living the life I want to live!

asking yourself what is your Life Calling ⁄ feeling you have more potential than "this"

Feeling of not knowing what you really supposed be doing brings a feeling of emptiness. If that is your experience, Congratulations! – It means you stopped for a brief moment and asked a question. Where there are questions there are answers. 

My role is to go deeper with you to reach for the Answer, which lies in the same place the Question came from- You. 

finding yourself on a Crossroad

Being at this point in in your life can be overwhelming. Wether it’s about a shift in your career or in personal life, there IS an answer what do you want more, and what would be the right thing to do. However, often we cannot reach for the answers by ourselves. This is where the guidance comes into play:       it’s so called “digging deeper”, finding the underlying desire that is hiding beneath all mind chatter and past experiences (programming).

... this coaching is for you