I have been coached for over 14 years by my teacher (intuitive,  dedicated spiritual coach and a mystic), which gave me  not only the knowledge, but a deep desire to coach others on how to strengthen their inner guidance – intuition and make THE RIGHT CHOICES in our lives.

I am a mom, a life partner, a business women, a singer, multiple diploma graduate, a person who has lived in multiple different countries, and finally – a spiritual coach – who can understand many roles in which all women can find themselves in, from the deeper and already experienced standpoint.

So why I chose coaching? It was when I came across my coach, my world turned up-side-down overnight! Nothing external had happen at the beginning, but one conversation completely changed the way of  my thinking! Suddenly, in stead of finding all the reasons why I was failing, I naturally and almost spontaneously started thinking about all of the reasons why I CAN  be successful and LIVE THE LIFE I WANT! It was an amazing period of TRANSFORMATION in my life! 

So now, I want to do the same thing for other people! Transform their inner world, give them a broader view of possibilities and support them to live the life they want to live!



I use the ability to understand pople’s emotions, actions and events on a deeper level. Intuitive perception goes beyond what is plainly said and what is witnessed in a physical form. In my coaching, intuition it is NOT used to predict the future but to distinguish where the person’s intention needs to be directed the most, in order to start thriving in life.