What do Elders say about What’s Important in Life

Maybe it’s a bit strange, but one of the things I really love to do is to ask eldery ones what are, for them, the most important things in life! 

The answers I commonly get is:
~ LOVE and UNDERSTANDING for the familly
~ having the right life partner and SUPPORT you give to one another 
” This precious time leaks between your fingers without you even being aware of it… “

I also remeber one 100-year-old woman telling me: “make sure you have enough MONEY so you can enjoy and travel in your older days. ” 

So when I think about it, all is actually pointing towards the same :
when you do WHAT YOU LOVE and when you do WHAT YOU ARE MENT TO BE DOING, this happens :
– you love yourself, so naturally you love and appreciate others 
– only supporting yourself can you trully support others 
– Doing what you love will eventually impact your living standard (it is much easier to be persistant and successful with what you love to do ) and is the only right way to invite aboundance to your life! 


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