What does it Really mean to Nurture Yourself ?

What does it mean when we as women, say:  “I need to nurture myself”, or “I need to be good to myself”. Often the mind instantly goes in the direction of – go to spa  (even though that would be a little challenge at the moment), lay in bed and read a book, take the time off to do nothing, go to nature and meet with friends, etc.

While I personally don’t have anything against those, it always lingers in my head something else has to come first.  What is the worth of taking time off when then that time becomes just one more opportunity to think about all the small burdens we have taken up on ourselves.  

And about that burden; it is a woman’s story. She is a Nurturer by nature and she wants to cherish and be cherished. However it can be challenging to distinguish how much is too much, and often it comes with a sense of OWING something to someone.

WHAT IF the true meaning of Nurturing yourself would refer to something that you DON’T decide to do?

  • What if you don’t owe anyone the right to validate you?
  • What if you don’t owe anyone an explanation of investing in yourself (in any way)?
  • What if you don’t owe anyone the reason you want to pursue your Dreams?
  • What if you don’t owe anyone the explanation for your “No” or “I can’t”?
  • What if you don’t owe anyone the explanation for failing in something?
  • What if you don’t owe anyone to cut yourself short for someone to accept you?

….. would that change your world at leat for a 1% today? If it would, that is perfectly enough!  

If we have no clarity what it is we need to do to truly nurture ourselves at the moment, maybe we can start by cutting the things we do not resonate with deep inside… and that will pave the way to the rest!


Ema Lina

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