5 Ways to Attract Abundance – Ancient Secrets Discovered

The first question you would need to ask yourself is: What does ‘abundance’ mean to you. That could be money, or good relationships, material things, security and so on.  So whatever that is for you, one thing is evident – you have to figure out what you want! If you live your life at least partly aware of what is going on around you, you have figured out that everything that is happening with you, ultimately comes down to you. Eventhough it seems like life happens to you, it is always down to your deepest, conscious (or unconscious) decisions. So unless you decide on what you really want in life, meaning what represents abundance and worth of having (and fighting for) in your own life – reading further notes here will not really serve you. The decision is yours. 


Here is the Truth - You still need to Earn it!

The biggest downfall of any ‘Low of Attraction’ theory that has the goal to teach you how to get what you want, is it’s a promotion of an idea that you can meditate and wait your way into your desires. While this feels pleasing to your mind and imagination, it is not so close to the truth. I am pretty sure you do resonate with what is just stated here, and even though it’s a bit disappointing – it more real and at last it is more rewarding. 

Universe has its laws. We all experienced them and still do (and probably always will) in our everyday life.  There is no person I know who hasn’t had their own set of testimonials about Sinchronicity and Attraction (sometimes called coincidence), not to mention Law of Cause and Effect or even Law of Gravity.  Ancient rishis (Vedic teachers) taught us we all exist inside of laws and that there is something bigger than us. Can I prove it to you?! No,! But you can prove it to yourself – by remembering how you felt whenever you did something wrong or right. That’s nothing but the Law inside of you, manifesting through your inner emotional compass.

Whatever you get in life – you have it because you deserved it in some form or another. Now, the way we conceptualise the meaning of deserving something, has too many implications of modern world concepts. To deserve something does not only mean you ‘go out’ and get payed for it, digg it, or even take it from somebody else. You might as well radiate it, think it, be it, and come to the vibrational approximate closes to it enough to experience – deserve it! 

 However, to come to that state where we honestly become of the same vibration to what it is that we want – we need to consciously, with the power of decision – decide to do so and GIVE UP  of something old. There is always work that has to be done in order to evolve. Otherwise, to evolve or become abundant would’t be something to strive for; it would not be seen as valuable. That brings us to the ancient Laws that need to be respected in order to achieve whatever it is that we want : 1. The Law of Inspired Action (The Law of Honesty and Courage) 2. The Law of Compensation (Projection)  3. Mind over Matter (Trust) 

1. Inspred Action - Honesty

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