What does the Future hold ?

So I heard

And fell to believe…

It is not what it seems.

Not that safe, at least.


The river in you, goes from joyful to numb.


Comforted and safe, you want to be more than anything,

So you run in opposite direction.

But, don’t you know things are hardly as they seem ?

Stop and Feel.


Feel the noise, the fear, the unsettledness.

If you numb the river in you,

Somebody else will pull the trigger.

Then, are you left in awe and surprise ?

Stop and Feel.


The plan has been made long time ago,

Busy you were, so haven’t noticed.

Is it time to allow yourself, for once ?

Stop and Feel.


When familiar wave comes,

It will splash all over your body and life.

But only you can lift your skin up

Remedy for the mind,

Pain for the Being.


What does the Future hold?

Whatever you decide, now.

Haven’t they told you, there is no such thing as ‘Future’?

. . .

Stop and Feel.

This Poem is inspired by the things I Felt and heard from different sources – my teacher, holistic practitioners who are not exposed in any media and individuals who are (obviously) familiar with the ‘system behind the system’.

It seems like we humans, are more and more trapped in a glass, left only with the feeling we can see and do much more than we actually can. Whilst this is true in one way, there is still so much space to grow on a spiritual level. Nobody can ever take that freedom away from us. Spirit and awareness is ever living. The question is: are you recognising that ?!

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