INTUITIVE COACHING – What is it & how can it serve you ?

The world of coaching

The entry into the coaching world is pretty low. That means that everyone who wants to become a coach can just call themselves a coach and “start living a life as…”. Before I tap dipper into the subject of Intuitive coaching I would love to mention one important factor that is almost always overlooked. It is about a distinction that goes beyond selection based solely on types of coaching as we know it:  business coach, relationship coach, holistic coach, intuitive coach and so on. Becoming a coach from a space of inspiration and willingness to help others is a very different thing from becoming a coach from a place of desperation. So having that in mind, it is easy to conclude that the bar for thriving as a coach is extremely high. A good coach is one who succeeds in helping others, which is possible only if all said and done comes from a place of inspiration, good intentions, open heart, patience and purposeful utilisation of one’s talents and skills.

I can completely understand why some people are confused when they hear “coaching” in the context NOT related to sport, music or leadership skill development. A while ago, I myself  was trying to wrap my head around the fact that my friend actually wanted to hire a life coach. At that time I had my spiritual teacher, a healer and a mystic, who would tell me all the “secrets” behind the purely physical world and so many, to my mind new things. So, hiring a life coach that doesn’t have to do anything with spirituality seemed so unfulfilling and unsatisfying, to say the least. Now, I do think differently. Actually a lot differently. Not because I would go for it, but because I realized the power of the right fit!! It all boils down to: is the particular coach good for you – does she ⁄ he acquire real skills, compassion, dedication and most importantly: did he or she go through real experience in their own life with whatever they coach on. Finding the right fit means speaking the same language, in a way.

INTUITIVE COACHING – guidance through language of Intuition

Different coaches use different tools. One of the main tools Intuitive coaches use is intuition, ability to see deeper than what is said and articulated on “outside”., which it can be really powerful and effective if used in the right way. In addition, I personally love to use Jyotish (vedic astrology system) to have a better overview of a person’s tendencies and direction in their life path. Recent engagement in vedic culture  opened a new window of possibility to serve my clients even more powerfully, as I adopted new techniques on how to unlock persons’ Dharma (Life purpose). I find those tools extremely helpful and insightful. Everyone has intuition, there is no doubt about it, it is just that people like spiritual teachers or in this case intuitive coaches use this ability on a greater scale. 

What Intuitive Coaching means for a client and what for a coach

For a client …

Often, when I have a person in front of me, I hear things like: “I am not sure what is this coaching really about, but I was drawn towards it, and feel like I want to try it! “, or: “I was always on my spiritual path, but I never know how to implement that in my personal or business life…” So if you are prone spiritually and believe that there is much more to this physical world than just what we see and hear, Intuitive coaching can really help you. And why so? Because it uses the language and tools you resonate with; it taps into your potential you cannot see at the moment, but you sometimes feel. It ishows you that the glimpses and hints you would get intuitively at times, are something real and actually something worth building your desired life on. Therefore I would describe Intuitive coaching as – dealing with hidden potential! And you want to tap into that potential, your unique potential, in order to make changes, reach your personal goals and live a better life. 

The matter of Life Path is a huge topic for people. I find many individuals who are already fulfilled in their business careers, live satisfactory family lives, have steady relationships, money and recognition in the world, still asking themselves. “What am I doing?”, “What do I really want?” , “Where the heck do I go from here”, “I have all this but still I feel so lonely”…  The reality is, the majority work you need to do, you have to do yourself. There is no coach or spiritual teacher out there with the magic wand, who will  instantly answer your deepest questions and solve everything for you. However, there are magic tools that can be used. It is on every coach to explore, improvise and choose which tools are going to be utilised to maximise the level of success in guiding a person. And that is the beauty in coaching – it’s diversity and freedom (which is why it is important to find the right fit in choosing your personal coach). Like mentioned, one of additional tools I personally use is Encoding your Dharma- your life path, the type of life purpose you are set on for this life. See, we all have life purpose, but it is not of the nature people usually think. Like I previously stated, there are types of Life Purpose, and few types only. Once the person figures out which type of purpose he or she belongs to, there is an instant shift in the way a person starts to observe life, past situations, feelings, future goals and desires. It is truly a topic for itself but something worth mentioning here is that this classification of Life Purpose should not be confused with negating people’s uniqueness and individuality. On the contrary, your talents and tendencies are here for a reason and should never be neglected if you want to live an abundant life.

For a coach …

Intuitive coaching is intuitively guided business, with no sets of prepared questions and no scenario to follow, until you hear the story. Intuitive coaching is working in the moment, with the moment. It is both challenging and rewarding, especially when you see the expression on your clients face and a feeling of relief in their inner space. There is nothing more joyful for me than helping people in bringing back power to themselves, reminding them what it is they truly love and value in their life and helping them to navigate their life accordingly. I am using my own experience of “being lost and found” and practical steps on how to align with what you desire. That cannot be found in any text book (as far as I know), it belongs to the principle called schooling life

Don’t be afraid to be powerfully served

Dear reader, if you have come to this point in the article, the chances are you’re pretty interested in what Intuitive coaching is and how it can serve you. To say the least, there must be an important reason you are still reading. One of the good sides of coaching is that you, as a client, can be served while still staying in the exploration phase. That means that you can have a free session, investing nothing but your time, and be powerfully served.

There is still a big doubt that a deep conversation can actually change the way you think and do something good for your life. I, myself was in the same disbelief, until I got on a free call with my own coach. And boy, was I surprised…                                                    

The power is, and always will be, in your simple action.

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