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If we could do it by ourselves, we would do it! There is a reason we use a saying “I am stuck” –  because you can really be stuck – in your own frame of mind, with a limited view of what is possible for you. 

The wall between you and the life you can potentially live is usually  just a wall of unnecessary compiled thoughts you accumulated throughout your life. 

Coaching  can help you see a whole another range of possibilities. It is done by digging deeper into life experiences, shifting the perspective about them and empowering or disempowering certain moments in one’s life. 


Rather  your “Life calling” is tightly connected to your career or not, it is certain you DO HAVE ONE. The moment you ask yourself “What it is I am really supposed to do” or “Is this making me really happy” – is the moment that pushes forward the question of REAL  TRUTH. and what it is that REALLY matters in your life.

 Everything falls into place automatically; the success, the relationships, the finances –  once  we get to know ourselves, find out what it is that we really love, accept where we are and decide where are we going. 

 Living life requires strength. Feeling of purpose and fulfilment is our strongest fuel. 

Confidence is the place that tells us where we have been and where we are going. Better said, it shows HOW we have been and how we are going to act. 

It is false belief that confidence comes from a place outside of us. Other people’s acknowledgement cannot compare with the power of Confidence that comes from within and has it’s own compass. 

It is not the Confidence that compares and tries to over-ride others, but the confidence that frees you from all of that… 


"Ema was the missing puzzle piece, that I needed to help me realize the necessary steps to take in order to shift my current situation. She gently guided me to answer my own questions, understand childhood patterns, and she gave me a plan to take action. She also helped lift a huge burden off my shoulders, that I’ve been caring for far too long. Since our session I have felt immense peace in my life. Thank you, Ema!"
"Wow wow wow! I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Ema. Right at my crossroads with my business, she swooped in like an angel to support me. She spoke from a space of intuition and confidence. Grounding her insights in practical steps for me to take. I feel transformed and motivated for the next phase of my journey. It is an art to share both shadow and light in a call. I heard and saw both through Ema's eyes with love and compassion.!"
"I have been so blessed to have had a coaching session with Ema Lina. From the very first minute Ema Lina gained my trust, through her amazing calm, warmth and bubbly personality. Through out the session she elegantly guided me and supported me in my process. A process that of cause was lead by her but it felt like I was in charge all the time. In a session with her she will lean into your inner dreams and wishes and give you guidance on how to become clear on your purpose and goal. Ema Lina holds the most authentic and beautiful space for you and I give my best recommendations."
"One word - wow. It was wonderful to be coached by Ema. Tough love but very warm. She’s incredibly talented and really know what she’s doing. I highly recommend Ema, when you’re looking for a coach.."
"I’m beyond grateful for the session I had with you. From the start I felt so comfortable because of your very warm and kind person and it felt very naturally for me to open up and trust the natural way of our session. You gave me a whole new level of strength and trust in myself, which I haven’t felt before. You were able to gather all the separate pieces of my thoughts, doubt and reflections to bring it into a bigger perspective. You definitely gave me trust in my dreams and made me feel like anything is possible. I appreciate your work, and I will with no doubt recommend it to anyone who crosses my way." Thank YOU!
"I, myself, am a life coach. Despite my knowledge, one session with Ema helped me discover a road block I had; and, the timing could not have been better. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Thank you."
"I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Ema. Our session was powerful and Ema’s intuition was so strong and accurate. Working with Ema has allowed me to see areas in my business and life that I’ve been holding myself back. The clarity is amazing and I am beyond grateful. Highly recommended!"
"I really enjoyed session with Ema. She is very intuitive and very calm by nature. She guided me through my own challenges very gently into a more graceful way of thinking and achievable solutions. I felt immediately at ease with Ema, it was very easy for me to open up to her about my deeper issues from my childhood. Since our session, I have felt more at peace with myself and at the same time motivated to take necessary steps to overcome my challenges and to make progression. Thank you very much Ema!"
"Ema is amazing, and I highly recommend her. She offered really helpful insight and I can attest that her intuition is accurate. Ema was very attentive and checked in throughout the session, offering me much time to dive into my own psyche to explore deeper issues I could have more insight into. Just when I thought we were done, she offered me a Vedic reading as well and it served to refocus me on my deepest passions of healing and writing. I will see Ema again for sure and I’m very grateful to have met her. She was a gift to me in a time where I needed her insight, and I am so glad we met."
"Ema is very easy to open up to. She asks thought provoking questions to reframe long held beliefs. Her intuition was very accurate. I felt she saw very clearly where I had been and where I am going. I look forward to working with Ema again and highly recommend her if you are looking for a coach to guide you.."
"Dear Ema. Thank you so much for a great session yesterday over the phone. you have a warm-hearted voice, wonderfully good and welcoming voice. You hit the fast spot in terms of working more seriously with my mediumship, even though I did not exactly know what our conversation was going to be about. Introducing astrology into your intuitive was for me quite fine. It worked well and you are sharp and solution oriented."
"I had a spontaneous one hour consultation with Ema, she had done her due diligence about me.
I felt this was very helpful in regards to the direction she led me within that hour. Ema's questions were
thought-provoking, stimulating and I have to say one week later I am still in process. Thank you 🙏
I found Ema‘s work concise, thoughtful, expansive and goal setting. Ema kindly sent me a
summary of her overview of me... really interesting, I will be using parts for my website 🙏 Thanks 🙏"
"Ema was amazing in the intuitive coaching session. I gained insights on where I was holding myself back from opportunities and where I was listening to my own guidance. Both gave me more confidence. I totally recommend Ema......Thank you Ema!!!"
"I had a lovely session with Ema Lina and was delighted to take some real, unexpected actions after our first session. During the session Ema Lina was very insightful, intuitive, and I got a lot of really useful take aways. I don't often say or feel things like this, but I actually felt her energy throughout the session. It was weird, but unmistakable. If you are looking for some answers, motivation, or any kind of support, I highly recommend booking a session with her!"
"Ema is a force for good. She exudes integrity, honesty and compassion. Her experience and intelligence help to make her an exceptionally helpful and life-affirming intuitive counsellor/life coach. I am eternally grateful for the time spent with Ema and recommend her counselling services to anyone who needs guidance, at any stage of their life's journey."


Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any questions about intuitive coaching process and how I work. Also, for a free session, you can contact me with the form bellow or directly at